Unlock 6 New Ideas for your Life Event Marketing Strategies

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Timing is the new "it factor".

Why do extra work when you could be growing your business? Through our tested process, we’ll help you find clarity in what you need and maximize your efforts from beginning to end.



60,000 people move every day. Mover marketing represents $175 billion of spend each year.


Life Events

Life events have a major impact on the lives of our best customers and prospects, quickly communicating a personalized offer is crucial.


Lifestyle Shifts

By working with Speedeon, brands can hand-pick the nuanced types of changes they want to monitor which could have an impact on their marketing.


Customer Recapture

Reducing attrition is a great way to ensure bottom-line profitability and stable market-share. Knowing when your customers are actively in-market for your product presents a valuable opportunity to engage for retention and cross-sell. 


Competitive Switcher

Finding in-market consumers who aren't your customers but look like them is a great way to increase top of funnel leads for your sales team.


New to Market

It can be difficult to identify prospects new to a category. Augmenting your prospect universe with digital insights can give you a better understanding of who is new to market, qualified and most likely to convert. 

You Might Be Wondering...

Who even made this guide?

This guide is brought to you by the fine folks at Speedeon. We work with brands on providing in-market data solutions that reduce attrition and increase market-share.

What is in-market or mover data?

We’re glad you asked!

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Speedeon is the number one mover data and in-market data provider for major brands. With over 45,000,000 life events signals seen annually and 400,000,000+ in-market events monthly, we help brands maintain market-share and improve bottom-line by reducing attrition and increasing customer acquisition.

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