Making Mover Magic
How to unbox a successful mover marketing strategy

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Anthony Pauley
Sr. VP, Sales and Marketing

Grace Abrahams Director of Client Strategy


Not all mover strategies are created equal. Watch now to learn how to create data-fueled ‘Mover Magic’.

  • Movers are a valuable audience! Between high scale and high spend, this is not an audience that brands can afford to ignore.
  • Home isn’t just ‘home’ anymore. Understand the impact of the pandemic on the moving population
  • Timing is everything. The mover lifecycle changes when and how you should communicate with every household.
  • Not all Movers are alike. How can you identify which movers are hot prospects, while others are not a brand fit?
  • Bad data = missed opportunities. Learn how to evaluate mover data sources to make the best selection for your team.
  • Let’s get tactical. Hear straight from the experts – what works for movers and what tactics should be boxed up?

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